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Franco Records LLC, a Record Label, operates as an Artist Development, Publishing (Franco Publishing), Marketing and Promotions, Booking Agency and Tour management. It focuses on releasing and representing artists in the United States and Africa, and the rest of the world. Company was founded in 2012 and based in Houston Texas. Registered in Cameroon as FRANCO RECORDS COMPANY LTD. Franco Records LLC is home to the underground artists, proving a platform for young men and women to challenge and push the boundaries of their creativity. Our Cutting-Edge Marketing and Promotions provide additional value in terms of branding and relevance. We work with the best publishers, vendors and distributors in the industry to provide Effective, Consistent, Value added content. We position ourselves at the crossroads of Art and creativity, technology and Innovation, Blending on and off-line strategies, tools, guidance, and expertise required in creating and maintaining successfu

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Warsaw, Poland
Power Bass Festival
New York, USA
Sanctuary Outdoor Festival
London, UK
Amsterdam Dance Event
Amsterdam, Holand
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