Jeery Cleo aka DJ Skeeper

The Rare Talent

Jeery Cleo aka DJ Skeeper is a multi-instrumentalist, recording
artist, song writer and music director spanning over 15 years of successful
musical influence winning minds and souls starting with humble beginnings as
far back as musical director in Sacred heart College Mankon – Cameroon

Jerry has been instrumental in directing and developing musical
talent in very different settings providing cutting edge professional sound and
stage design to accommodate different musical settings for example church
conventions, corporate events, Concerts, directing long Studio album sessions.
Jerry experience amongst others can be highlighted with his experience working
with the best musical production team in Cameroon (Brasseries Du Cameroun), his
musical influence working in Equatorial Guinea, South Africa, Nigeria, and
Gabon only adds to his successful career. His professional musical power is
what is needed to marinate any event.

Originally from Cameroon, Bright Light Project (Houston against
Violence campaign) was written, conceived and directed by Jerry who now resides
in Houston Texas. Jerry is a rare talent and an accomplished musician and
multi-instrumentalist with a professional touch. He is Director of Music and
Logistics for Bright Light Projects engaging different stakeholders in
different continents. Jerry holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from the
University of Buea in Cameroon.

Recent Tracks.

If I be I Know
Bend Back Ft Mic Monsta
Sans Sentiment
Ma Head Di Hot Ft. Fobass Le Maitre

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